About PaintingChap – Aka Jodi

So here’s a little bit about me.

My name is Jodi, I’m 34 and have been gaming on and off for the past 26 years.


I’ve played Warhammer fantasy almost exclusively for that time with the odd shift into other games like bloodbowl and Necromunda but in all of this time I never truly invested in 40K, maybe only ever really painting a dozen models in total.

After a rather extended break from the gaming world I got back into Warhammer with my beloved Empire and actually managed to paint up an entire army to an ok standard but still no 40K.

That is were this blog comes in. I decided it was about time that I got a few things done with my modelling hobby. So here’s where I am right now

  1. I started a 40k Army – I’ve always loved Space Marines so it was an easy choice. I have around 3,500 points of Marines, which are gaming as a successor chapter to the Dark Angels
  2. I’ve improved my painting skills – I started taking pictures to put up on this blog and saw just how much work I had to do. I’ve worked on blending, NMM and other techniques and can say I’ve upped my game but there is still some way to go.
  3. I got my Man Cave gaming area up and running – After another house move I finally achieved a dedicated space for painting and modelling as well as owning a number of gaming tables and scenery.

I’ve been lucky enough since starting the blog and FaceBook page to hook up and become friends with some awesome gamers who have become the foundation of Team PaintingChap and then the PaintingChapter.


I’ve got many more adventures ahead of me and returning to blogging and content producing is just one of them.

I hope you all enjoy the journey


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