Akkad – Bringing a world to life

As I was working on my tournament I found myself finding it harder and harder to actually write anything because I couldn’t picture it in my head. I had all of the nuts and bolts but something was missing. After a couple of days of going back and forth on things I spoke to E and she set me straight right away – “you’ve not given it a name, what’s the story of this place”
With a ‘small’ library to hand I grabbed a suitable history book, thumbed through it to a random page and chose the first name that stood out to me – Akkad
In history Akkad was the capital city of the Akkadian empire, the dominant political force in Mesopotamia at the end of the third century BC – a fairly solid choice I think.

With a name in place things became easier and I slowly formed the narrative I my head for the tournament and for the Sons of Realm, who would find their theatre of war on the red surface of Akkad – more on that another time.
Funny thing is I wasn’t the only one who had been inspired. Louis from Errant Painting (check out his facebook page HERE) really went all out with his Dark Angel force and produced a stunning series of short pieces that formed a great mini story on the run up to the event. I was floored by the effort he went to and it encouraged me even more.

As the tournament finished the story of Akkad had been told in a snap shot, a conflict between xenos and man had unfolded and set the ball rolling for the next events to come – Turning to the skies the victors could see the looming shape of the planet Nineveh coming into view..

Nineveh comes into view

Nineveh comes into view

Stay tuned….


First time TO – Building on an idea and having fun

I love to plan out projects, I have at least 5-10 in my mind at any one time and probably the same in bits and half completed states on my shelves – I know I’m not the only one who’s like this, right?

Well one of my most ambitious projects so far was to run a 40k tournament and man did I love it. My plan was to use it as content for this blog on the run up to Christmas but as you know, that never happened – but I digress.
I started with an idea and not much else, I’ve worked with less and after finishing A Game of Tables I at least had a gaming board to play on. What I didn’t have was any terrain, a lot of gaming space, any idea on what rules or gameplay to use and no idea if bit would even work.

After a quick inventory of bits and some dealing on Facebook I had materials for scenery, nothing super fancy but it would work well on the table top.
Gaming space and rules kinda worked hand in hand. I didn’t have a lot of models painted up so I wanted a small game format and my friend Vlad had talked about 40k in 40 minutes so I started there.
I made a couple of updates for 7th edition and a rules set was born. With some bonus help from my wife the rules set became an event pack and looked awesome (thanks E). As the gaming space was already set in the rules so I now had enough table space for 3 games……but it’s go big or go home right? So another wheeler dealer trade gave me the materials for another board and I could run 6 games at once!

With almost everything in place I just needed people to come and play!
Thankfully I know some great people who know great people and with a date and location sourced everything was in place.

As things built up to the day everything seemed to a on a life of its own, a story formed around the gaming tables, a world was created and more details where added by the players themselves – but I’ll share more on that in the future


On the day some one dropped out at literally the last minute so I ended up not playing but that turned out to be a blessing as I could oversee everything and help out with rules queries etc (lesson learnt)
All in all the day was beyond awesome and I was hooked. I was even able to add a few extra surprises to the day that made things even better, a trophy for the winner and a custom purity seal for everyone that took part!
Here are some highlights

There was a little surprise at the end of the day for everyone which you can see in the Epilogue video below

Stay tuned, theres more to come


What starts off as one thing and ends up as another……. (Or how I learnt to adapt to my own creative side)

So It’s about time I got around to showing off some of my work, specifically for my home brew chapter, the Sons of Realm

This is a land speeder for the 8th company of the Sons of Realm and I pretty much nailed what I wanted. The colours, the styling, the weapons all spot on and as I usually work everything out before committing glue or paint to a model I was really happy with how the model itself turned out. There are a few details still to be added but nothing is ever truly finished.
The thing is I wanted a scenic base. I had a specific one in mind and I was pretty sure I could manage it and make it a playable model……erm yeah,

Here’s the video –

As you can see the base isn’t very game friendly, especially as line of sight is king in 7th edition and a model overly exposed can be a problem for in game decisions and fairness.
So looking at what I had planned out and where it would end up I had a choice – make the base I wanted or something more functional.
Simple – Sometimes the rule of cool takes over, things change and now I have a solid display piece for my cabinet.

So the creative procession out and I have a display piece, now where did I put that other land speeder….

Stay tuned for more

Whats been going on over there????

I always wanted to do more than just paint models and post picture and stuff about them, I just never knew what ‘more’ was.
The cool thing about wargaming is that you have to hang out with other people to play the game, like real live people and stuff, which means you usable hang out with their friends and it snowballs from there.
Now being who I am, I grab on to that energy and try to do something with it………so I had an idea.

So last year I put together and ran a tournament (no baby steps here), for friends and friends of friends at my place over the course of a day. A simple format, small size games and a prize at the end for the winner. It was AWESOME! – more to come in a later post

Here’s the teaser trailer my wife put together for the event –

Pretty cool huh!

So, I had finally found what the ‘more’ was,helping to build a community and making things happen for it! The funny thing is, when you have good people around you, stuff like that happens naturally and is easier to do – Win Win!
The first part was the easiest and nothing i can take credit for. My Facebook page took off on its own after the tournament thanks to some awesome people who became Team PaintingChap. It’s their love of the game and continued work that goes up on the page that has kept it alive whilst I’ve been AWOL – thanks guys!

As you’ve seen by now, Facebook isn’t the only place that’s expanding, I’m not alone on this blog anymore either. After another message conversation (thanks Facebook), a new member of team paintingchap has been introduced – Joe Edward Batsford
Joe has uploaded up his first blog post here and is going to be telling his tale of the Ultramarines from the 31st millennium along with his other projects on his own blog as well. Joe is a great guy and I can’t wait to see more stuff from him as he goes along.

So things haven’t slowed down and now it’s back to sharing them with everyone

Stay tuned for more


Hey…this thing is still on!

So…it’s been a while hasn’t it.

I realized recently that I haven’t put paint in a model since the 25th of November 2014 – that’s almost 3 months 😦 so to get back into thing I thought I’d best dust off my blog and get accountable again.
Real life has been very very real lately and right now taking some time to get back on track so getting back to personal painting and blogging will be a good thing once my day is done, the house is set and my kids are in bed.

Now that’s out of the way, let me tell you about some of the great stuff that has been happening ..
My Facebook page has taken on a life of its own thanks to some awesome people from all over Europe sharing their work, thoughts and ideas, turning it into a mini community. I’ll talk more about it in another post but it totally embodies what I love about the hobby. When it comes to my Facebook page, the thing I love the most is seeing the pictures of work in progress and completed projects – Everyone loves to see pictures right, I think it’s the best inspiration there is.
So here’s some pictures from the past few months on my Facebook page 😉

Thanks for stopping by and catching up, there will be more to come…

Stay tuned


Called out! NaArPaMo Challenge….wait for it…Accepted!

My wife has called me out!!!!!!

E is doing NaNoWriMo, an epic writing challenge all in one month, which takes a fair amount of time and focus. Now….. To my shame, I may have grumbled about it a bit so as a counter to my grumbling she has challenged me to NaArPaMo (E coined the name, National Army Painting Month) – paint as much of my space marine project as I can in November.

I say CHALLENGE……wait for it……ACCEPTED!


So I usually have a couple of hours each night to do something creative including blogging, painting etc which is not a whole lot of time but I have my trusty airbrush and a practised method now I should be able to boss out some models.
I’m going to start with what I have prepared on my painting desk and go from there, so here’s what I’ve got lined up first

My starting models for NaArPaMo

My starting models for NaArPaMo

– 10 man assault squad with jump packs
– Librarian with jump pack
– 5 man devastator squad
– Predator with Auto Cannon and heavy bolters
– Tactical squad Rhino

That should keep me busy for now and IF I get through all of this I might just expand my existing scout squad or make a move on filling out the dev squad or another tactical squad.

I’m planning to blog about my work and wrap everything up in a final post at the start of December, but I’m going to post daily update pictures and thoughts on my Facebook page.

I’ve also put the challenge out to my followers and friends to do the same and right now I have Alex painting up a 35pt Cygnar list for Warmachine and Lex painting up a small force for his 30k Imperial fists. They’re also going to be posting their WIP on my page so head on over, give it a like and follow our progress.

Stay Tuned

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Comment below if you’re joining us

Paint as much as you can across November and post your WIP pics and final results on my Facebook page HERE

The summer is over, autumn’s here – now back to business

It’s been nearly 3 months since my last blog post….Wow, were the heck has the time gone?

The summer has been full of fun and crazy as heck for me with lots going on at home and away. I was lucky to get some part time work away from home, I’ve started language school (I’m learning Swedish finally) and most importantly of all I had a awesome time finally getting married to E.


On a side note, I got completely spoiled at my wedding with some awesome gaming gifts but I’ll do a little micro blog about them later on 🙂

The last month has seen me get back into gaming with some decent progress on my Sons of Realm chapter, new projects taking off, old projects being added to and a big jump into a new arena being taken.

There is lots to come over the next few weeks, here is a little of what to look out for
– More action in A Game of Tables
Upgrading my old studio and a new skin
– Introducing some friends
– New toys and what to do with them
Sons of Realm take the field of battle

So stay tuned!

Until next time,


Have you been up to new and cool stuff over the summer? Share your tips and tricks in the comments, or get in touch.

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Building a company 101 – When a company becomes more than a company


Collecting is easy, following a plan should be simple but that’s never the whole story is it…..

Having a full tactical company is great, but it puts a limit on your options when it comes to actual game play with what you have to field.
In my last post I talked about my start to collecting space marines and showed my progress on my company so far with the models I have…..the thing is, those aren’t all the models I have.

I started out with the models from the dark vengeance boxed set as well as an extra tactical squad, a rhino and a captain model which gave me:

20 tactical marines – part of 2nd company
Captain – command of 2nd company
Rhino – part of 2nd company

I also bought

3 bikes – 8th company
5 Terminators – 1st company
Librarian – part of the Librarius

As a gamer I want to have as many options available to me as possible to have fun and try to win, but that doesn’t fit into my plan and straight off I have models from two other companies and one from a separate part of the chapter all together.

Now what?

Theoretical – just keep the models separate, don’t include them in what I’m doing here

Practical – that just goes against what I want to do and limits my options for telling great stories

Theoretical – find a way to fold them into the story of the second company

Practical – I’m no longer just building a company……I’m building a chapter

So here are the Sons of Realm right now

Now I have an even bigger task is ahead of me but it’s going to be much more fun

(Images courtesy of Lexicanum and Zweischneid

Stay tuned for more

Until next time

A Conclave of Gamers

Sorry for going quiet on the blogging front, it’s been a busy week and time has been focused elsewhere – but I’m back with a micro blog to get things rolling!

It’s great being around others who are in to your hobby, so I’ve been trying for a while now to get together a group of friends at my place for semi regular kit bash, froth and general chat session. This past weekend was our second one.

4 guys made it along this time, Vlad and Destrux from the last session and two new faces in Robin and Peter. It was great fun getting to know them as we told stories, talked fluff and swapped tips on painting etc… there was even some modeling work going on, too!

Everyone had their own projects that started to take life as the day went on, and by the close there were some Eldar units and a wave serpent ready for base coating, some Russian soldiers ready for battle, a piece of terrain under construction, and a custom chaos space marine unit base coated. I had planned to get some painting done but got distracted by a large infusion of marines into my company.

It was a great time and I can’t wait to do it again (next time I won’t get distracted… honest)

Peter has his own blog HERE so share some love and go take a look at his awesome work and his time at the Conclave

So stay tuned for more posts coming soon!

Until next time,

Game of Tables Part 8 – It’s Done!

Here it finally is! Click on the video link below to see the final instalment of the Game of Tables – Enjoy!

Stay tuned!

Until next time

Have you built your own gaming table, or are you thinking about building your own? Share your tips and tricks in the comments, or get in touch.

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