We March For Macragge

So here we are, the start of my story here. My name is m0o0oeh, or Joe, or you can read my introductory post here to see the full list of nicknames, and why I’m here blogging.

You may find yourself asking what’s this box of junk? This, gentle reader, is, (short of a few bits and bobs) is to be turned into the bulk of my 30k Ultramarines army.


This little selection of ForgeWorld bags, cork, little bits of terrain, and the bundle of black in the bottom of the bag, is my attempt to re-base my 30k Ultramarines to 32mm bases, before they get primed etc.


So, what is all this junk now?! This (again, barring for a few odds and sods) the bulk of my (resin) 30k Ultramarines army, which equates to a 20 man Tactical Squad, and a 5 man Heavy Support Squad, I still have a Contemptor dreadnought tucked away in my “Unstarted Hobby Crack” box, along with a few other shiny things, and my Praetor, Recon Squad, Outrider Squad. Basically anything that I felt wouldn’t necessarily be improved by receiving the whole 32mm base treatment


So here are the first 3 marines on their spangly new 32mm bases. If you’re thinking the bases are a bit plain, you’d be correct! I re-based these in the 5 minutes downtime between picking my fiance up from work and getting ready to go to work myself. Don’t worry, they’re ‘armless.. Ha! Geddit? No? Gods….I don’t know why I bother, my old man’s a vegetable, gibber gibber…


Ahem, yes, sorry about that, hadn’t taken my anti-depressants. I’m good now though. Anyways, enough of this jibber jabber, this is a collection of my force as the2y stand (admittedly on their old 28mm bases. I’ve tried to go for a dynamic, and slightly (dare I say it) narrative posing of the models, so they’re re-loading, jumping, things of that sort.


I thought this chap deserved some merit as in my last game, as he lead his squad to wipe out a 10 man Tactical Support squad with volkite weaponry in one turn. I don’t know how, I shall simply thank the dice-based gods for their intervention.


This fine fellow, is my Legion Centurion, specifically, my Moritat. I have deliberately chosen not to take him down the twin plasma pistol chainfire-cheese of death, but something not necessarily as good in game terms, but for me, the choice was made when I played the demo of Space Marine on my XBox 360. The level where you play as an assault marine and jump way up high and smoosh Orks into the ground was deeply satisfying. I was channeling that memory when I built this model. This fellow also allowed me to kitbash, to a certain extent.

The torso, legs and jetpack are all from the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard. They have had all the blood drops, and similar overtly angelic symbology removed, and soon to be replaced by some Ultramarine brass etch details. The head is part of a pack of 10 from MaxMini.eu, and the dread thunderhammer (which to be truthful, I’d love to replace with something a little less bulky, but I like the balance between the ornate work on the armour, and the sheer bulk of the hammer.


Remember that first picture at the top of the page? No? That’s fine, feel free to scroll back up to refresh your memory. Refreshed? Yes? No? Tough, I’m carrying on anyway. This is what I have dubbed as my “Heresy Drawer.” I have two of these 3-drawer units, usually plastic construction, and stackable, and have 4 drawers of hobby supplies and things, and this one in the picture below me is the contents of my Heresy drawer, some of the gems of which have been pulled out for further detail/perusal/explanation below.. .


So this is the original figure for Marneus Calgar, the head honcho of the Ultramarines in the 41st Millenium. I don’t really have a great use for him in 30k, so I am tempted to run him as a Centurion as and when I drop my jetpack-powered one


These two handsome chaps are Rogue Trader-era Demolisher marines (that is to say they will be added to my RT Demolisher squad, as their heavy bolters will be most useful. I got these from a chap on the Oldhammer Community group on Facebook. If you’re a hobby Longbeard, I would recommend you check the group out, some really neat stuff comes through there.


More Rogue Trader marines for me to play with! Apologies for the squiffiness, perhaps one of the more advanced servo-skulls can adjust this for me.


This most excellent gentleman is the old 3rd edition Space Marine command squad captain. I have had my eye on trying to get one of these chaps for a long time, and got him in a trade with a fellow Oldhammerer. Thoroughly chuffed!


And that, gentle reader, is my first official (non-introductory) post to PaintingChap. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Do you like my writing style? Do you want more 30k content, or would you like me to explore some of the other game systems out there? I’m fairly new to this whole blogging thing, and I’d appreciate any constructive comments you guys may be able to give me.

m0o =)


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