Akkad – Bringing a world to life

As I was working on my tournament I found myself finding it harder and harder to actually write anything because I couldn’t picture it in my head. I had all of the nuts and bolts but something was missing. After a couple of days of going back and forth on things I spoke to E and she set me straight right away – “you’ve not given it a name, what’s the story of this place”
With a ‘small’ library to hand I grabbed a suitable history book, thumbed through it to a random page and chose the first name that stood out to me – Akkad
In history Akkad was the capital city of the Akkadian empire, the dominant political force in Mesopotamia at the end of the third century BC – a fairly solid choice I think.

With a name in place things became easier and I slowly formed the narrative I my head for the tournament and for the Sons of Realm, who would find their theatre of war on the red surface of Akkad – more on that another time.
Funny thing is I wasn’t the only one who had been inspired. Louis from Errant Painting (check out his facebook page HERE) really went all out with his Dark Angel force and produced a stunning series of short pieces that formed a great mini story on the run up to the event. I was floored by the effort he went to and it encouraged me even more.

As the tournament finished the story of Akkad had been told in a snap shot, a conflict between xenos and man had unfolded and set the ball rolling for the next events to come – Turning to the skies the victors could see the looming shape of the planet Nineveh coming into view..

Nineveh comes into view

Nineveh comes into view

Stay tuned….


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