First time TO – Building on an idea and having fun

I love to plan out projects, I have at least 5-10 in my mind at any one time and probably the same in bits and half completed states on my shelves – I know I’m not the only one who’s like this, right?

Well one of my most ambitious projects so far was to run a 40k tournament and man did I love it. My plan was to use it as content for this blog on the run up to Christmas but as you know, that never happened – but I digress.
I started with an idea and not much else, I’ve worked with less and after finishing A Game of Tables I at least had a gaming board to play on. What I didn’t have was any terrain, a lot of gaming space, any idea on what rules or gameplay to use and no idea if bit would even work.

After a quick inventory of bits and some dealing on Facebook I had materials for scenery, nothing super fancy but it would work well on the table top.
Gaming space and rules kinda worked hand in hand. I didn’t have a lot of models painted up so I wanted a small game format and my friend Vlad had talked about 40k in 40 minutes so I started there.
I made a couple of updates for 7th edition and a rules set was born. With some bonus help from my wife the rules set became an event pack and looked awesome (thanks E). As the gaming space was already set in the rules so I now had enough table space for 3 games……but it’s go big or go home right? So another wheeler dealer trade gave me the materials for another board and I could run 6 games at once!

With almost everything in place I just needed people to come and play!
Thankfully I know some great people who know great people and with a date and location sourced everything was in place.

As things built up to the day everything seemed to a on a life of its own, a story formed around the gaming tables, a world was created and more details where added by the players themselves – but I’ll share more on that in the future


On the day some one dropped out at literally the last minute so I ended up not playing but that turned out to be a blessing as I could oversee everything and help out with rules queries etc (lesson learnt)
All in all the day was beyond awesome and I was hooked. I was even able to add a few extra surprises to the day that made things even better, a trophy for the winner and a custom purity seal for everyone that took part!
Here are some highlights

There was a little surprise at the end of the day for everyone which you can see in the Epilogue video below

Stay tuned, theres more to come



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