What starts off as one thing and ends up as another……. (Or how I learnt to adapt to my own creative side)

So It’s about time I got around to showing off some of my work, specifically for my home brew chapter, the Sons of Realm

This is a land speeder for the 8th company of the Sons of Realm and I pretty much nailed what I wanted. The colours, the styling, the weapons all spot on and as I usually work everything out before committing glue or paint to a model I was really happy with how the model itself turned out. There are a few details still to be added but nothing is ever truly finished.
The thing is I wanted a scenic base. I had a specific one in mind and I was pretty sure I could manage it and make it a playable model……erm yeah,

Here’s the video –

As you can see the base isn’t very game friendly, especially as line of sight is king in 7th edition and a model overly exposed can be a problem for in game decisions and fairness.
So looking at what I had planned out and where it would end up I had a choice – make the base I wanted or something more functional.
Simple – Sometimes the rule of cool takes over, things change and now I have a solid display piece for my cabinet.

So the creative procession out and I have a display piece, now where did I put that other land speeder….

Stay tuned for more


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