Whats been going on over there????

I always wanted to do more than just paint models and post picture and stuff about them, I just never knew what ‘more’ was.
The cool thing about wargaming is that you have to hang out with other people to play the game, like real live people and stuff, which means you usable hang out with their friends and it snowballs from there.
Now being who I am, I grab on to that energy and try to do something with it………so I had an idea.

So last year I put together and ran a tournament (no baby steps here), for friends and friends of friends at my place over the course of a day. A simple format, small size games and a prize at the end for the winner. It was AWESOME! – more to come in a later post

Here’s the teaser trailer my wife put together for the event –

Pretty cool huh!

So, I had finally found what the ‘more’ was,helping to build a community and making things happen for it! The funny thing is, when you have good people around you, stuff like that happens naturally and is easier to do – Win Win!
The first part was the easiest and nothing i can take credit for. My Facebook page took off on its own after the tournament thanks to some awesome people who became Team PaintingChap. It’s their love of the game and continued work that goes up on the page that has kept it alive whilst I’ve been AWOL – thanks guys!

As you’ve seen by now, Facebook isn’t the only place that’s expanding, I’m not alone on this blog anymore either. After another message conversation (thanks Facebook), a new member of team paintingchap has been introduced – Joe Edward Batsford
Joe has uploaded up his first blog post here and is going to be telling his tale of the Ultramarines from the 31st millennium along with his other projects on his own blog as well. Joe is a great guy and I can’t wait to see more stuff from him as he goes along.

So things haven’t slowed down and now it’s back to sharing them with everyone

Stay tuned for more



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