Hello Swindon, I am here!

Hello dear Painters! My name is m0o0oeh, and I am a new contributor to the Paintingchap blog. My primary purpose on this blog is to show you cool and shiny miniatures wot I done painted. I’m also going to be concurrently posting on my own dedicated hobby blog (wemarchformacragge.wordpress.com,) which will primarily chronicle the advance of my Horus Heresy/30k Ultramarines army, but if there’s anything I’m particularly proud of, it’ll probably go up there too.

I suppose I’d better tell you a little bit about myself, hadn’t I? My name is Joe, although online (twitter, and a number of other forums) I am known as m0o0oeh. I don’t expect you to know how I pronounce my name, so just call me moo. I live near Swansea, in Wales. I am obviously a hobbyist, or else I wouldn’t be writing this blog post now would I? I started hobbying sometime around 1999/2000 in my last year in Comprehensive school. My brother had been introduced to Warhammer by a friend of his, and whilst he liked the models, the olde worlde look and feel to his friends Empire army didn’t spark his imagination as much as the Warhammer 40000 universe did. He came home with a Steel Legion Sentinel, and I was hooked. I went out the next weekend, and came home with a Black Templar squad, which I quickly assembled and painted. Soon, my army grew in strength. Then, the shiny bug bit, and I couldn’t just paint Black Templars. By the start of 4th edition 40k, I had collected all of the previous army books, and had a game-legal force (of some size) for all the armies.

So what about now? Well, I finally found the time and money to buy myself another Black Templars force, I have a small Necron force which is a throwback to 3rd or 4th ed when the plastics were released, and now I have my 30k Ultramarines. For thematic reasons I’ve placed them on Calth, and I’m currently working out a list for them so I can go to a campaign weekend in Warhammer World in November.

I’m not just a GW hobbyist though, oh no! I have forces for Malifaux (Viktoria’s, The Dreamer, Rasputina,) Infinity (Caldeonian Highlanders,) Relics (Britannans and Yuem,)

I appreciate that was a huge wall of text to read, but thank you if you did,

E-cookie to anyone who gets the title!

TL; DR: Hi, I’m Joe, I’m going to be a new blogger here. Shiny pictures incoming in the next week or two.


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