Called out! NaArPaMo Challenge….wait for it…Accepted!

My wife has called me out!!!!!!

E is doing NaNoWriMo, an epic writing challenge all in one month, which takes a fair amount of time and focus. Now….. To my shame, I may have grumbled about it a bit so as a counter to my grumbling she has challenged me to NaArPaMo (E coined the name, National Army Painting Month) – paint as much of my space marine project as I can in November.

I say CHALLENGE……wait for it……ACCEPTED!


So I usually have a couple of hours each night to do something creative including blogging, painting etc which is not a whole lot of time but I have my trusty airbrush and a practised method now I should be able to boss out some models.
I’m going to start with what I have prepared on my painting desk and go from there, so here’s what I’ve got lined up first

My starting models for NaArPaMo

My starting models for NaArPaMo

– 10 man assault squad with jump packs
– Librarian with jump pack
– 5 man devastator squad
– Predator with Auto Cannon and heavy bolters
– Tactical squad Rhino

That should keep me busy for now and IF I get through all of this I might just expand my existing scout squad or make a move on filling out the dev squad or another tactical squad.

I’m planning to blog about my work and wrap everything up in a final post at the start of December, but I’m going to post daily update pictures and thoughts on my Facebook page.

I’ve also put the challenge out to my followers and friends to do the same and right now I have Alex painting up a 35pt Cygnar list for Warmachine and Lex painting up a small force for his 30k Imperial fists. They’re also going to be posting their WIP on my page so head on over, give it a like and follow our progress.

Stay Tuned

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Comment below if you’re joining us

Paint as much as you can across November and post your WIP pics and final results on my Facebook page HERE