Building a company 101 – When a company becomes more than a company


Collecting is easy, following a plan should be simple but that’s never the whole story is it…..

Having a full tactical company is great, but it puts a limit on your options when it comes to actual game play with what you have to field.
In my last post I talked about my start to collecting space marines and showed my progress on my company so far with the models I have…..the thing is, those aren’t all the models I have.

I started out with the models from the dark vengeance boxed set as well as an extra tactical squad, a rhino and a captain model which gave me:

20 tactical marines – part of 2nd company
Captain – command of 2nd company
Rhino – part of 2nd company

I also bought

3 bikes – 8th company
5 Terminators – 1st company
Librarian – part of the Librarius

As a gamer I want to have as many options available to me as possible to have fun and try to win, but that doesn’t fit into my plan and straight off I have models from two other companies and one from a separate part of the chapter all together.

Now what?

Theoretical – just keep the models separate, don’t include them in what I’m doing here

Practical – that just goes against what I want to do and limits my options for telling great stories

Theoretical – find a way to fold them into the story of the second company

Practical – I’m no longer just building a company……I’m building a chapter

So here are the Sons of Realm right now

Now I have an even bigger task is ahead of me but it’s going to be much more fun

(Images courtesy of Lexicanum and Zweischneid

Stay tuned for more

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A Conclave of Gamers

Sorry for going quiet on the blogging front, it’s been a busy week and time has been focused elsewhere – but I’m back with a micro blog to get things rolling!

It’s great being around others who are in to your hobby, so I’ve been trying for a while now to get together a group of friends at my place for semi regular kit bash, froth and general chat session. This past weekend was our second one.

4 guys made it along this time, Vlad and Destrux from the last session and two new faces in Robin and Peter. It was great fun getting to know them as we told stories, talked fluff and swapped tips on painting etc… there was even some modeling work going on, too!

Everyone had their own projects that started to take life as the day went on, and by the close there were some Eldar units and a wave serpent ready for base coating, some Russian soldiers ready for battle, a piece of terrain under construction, and a custom chaos space marine unit base coated. I had planned to get some painting done but got distracted by a large infusion of marines into my company.

It was a great time and I can’t wait to do it again (next time I won’t get distracted… honest)

Peter has his own blog HERE so share some love and go take a look at his awesome work and his time at the Conclave

So stay tuned for more posts coming soon!

Until next time,

Game of Tables Part 8 – It’s Done!

Here it finally is! Click on the video link below to see the final instalment of the Game of Tables – Enjoy!

Stay tuned!

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Have you built your own gaming table, or are you thinking about building your own? Share your tips and tricks in the comments, or get in touch.

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Building a company 101 – Having a plan


The Sons of Realm are my own Space Marine chapter and my sole gaming focus right now. As WIP’s and other gaming projects have their own series, I wanted a separate space for their narrative story, my plans for assembling the army, as wells as documenting my creative journey from the ground up.

So here we are!

From day 1, I wanted to collect a company of marines – not mix of units but a complete, 100 man company – and paint it! I had thought about just going for a 1500 – 2000 point list, but buying most of my stuff second hand actually made collecting a company more doable.
My plan is to have the Sons follow the standard codex pretty closely but not exact in every way, so I decided to use the Ultra Marines model as the base for the company. With that decided, I had to choose which company to go for. I let fate decide and asked my daughter which colour she liked the most: yellow was the clear winner, which meant the second company was going to come to life!

I needed something to act as a guide, and I already had a good idea of what, but there’s nothing like a picture to use as a focus. After a quick Google search (I was missing the codex at this point) I found the chapter break down, along with a number of pictures for the individual companies.

There are two stages I’m going to go through when collecting this company: first is to collect all of the squads, the second is to get their support vehicles and extras like flyers and other units.

I started my collection with a captain, 2 tactical squads, 3 bikes, a librarian, a rhino and some terminators. Almost all of them came from the Dark Vengeance box set, and have given me a strong start towards my company. Since then I have added more units and here is what I’m up to now.

In the next part of this series, I talk about expanding on my original force, and adding units from other companies.

Stay tuned as I continue to build my company!

Until next time

(Images courtesy of Lexicanum and Zweischneid)

Have you built a Space Marine Chapter recently? Share your experiences and top tricks in the comments!

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Under the brush


What’s under my brush?

Under the brush is going to be a semi regular series that will be all about my current painting projects or what I have lined up for the immediate future. My plan is to show models as I go through the different stages and tell you a little bit about them as they progress. Finally once they’re complete I’m going to do a separate post with a small video showcase of the finished models.

At the moment I have the core of a playable army ready and painted but I want to add in an option or two before going off to fight. So right now I have a unit of Devastators and a Librarian prepped and ready for paint.


I’ve got a mixed weapons load out for this group, with a Lascannon, Heavy Bolter and a pair of missile launchers which should act as a cover all unit when facing different armies, especially until I can get a flyer in for some anti air support.
The Sergeant is an original build of mine which I put together after seeing another model on eBay and missing out on buying it. I’m really proud of him as it shows what can be done with a bitz box and a little bit if green stuff.

**** I also picked up theses awesome 2nd ed metal Devastators as part of a trade so I’m going to be painting up 2 units of 5 instead of 1, now to decide what load out to give them.****


I got the Dark Vengeance Librarian as part of a purchase from a friend and I love 95% of the model, but the Dark Angel symbols had to go and I wanted to swap out the sword to something a bit more fun.
A quick bit of cosmetic work on the symbols and a swap out of the sword arm for a converted Grey Knights arm with a storm bolter + force weapon got this guy to what I wanted him to be for the grimm dark of the 40k universe.
I’m still in two minds wether or not to do him solely in the classic blue or to add in the chapter colours as well but once I sit down and start I’m sure it will come to me.

That’s it for now but stay tuned for more as this week I wrap up the Game of tables series and start to talk a bit more about my space marines.

Until next time

Interview with a gamer – Jens Sentenceinger

In last weeks post 40k around the interwebs, I was able to show you some fantastic pictures of Jens Sentenceiger’s Imperial knight warden conversion and some of his other knights as well. I thought they were so original that I got in touch with Jes and asked him some questions about his work on the knights, what that has led to, gaming in general and what he has planned for the future.

Here’s what he had to say….

PC -Hey Jens, thanks for taking the time to talk to me. So first off, tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into gaming ?

Jes – I´m 32 now, living in a small city in Germany.
The first contact with GW or better Miniature Games at all was made around 1992 when “StarQuest” (original titel “Space Crusade”) was released here. The old commercial just flashed up in front of this 10 year old boy 😊, and I got it for Christmas and later on all Add Ons.
About 4 years later an independent retailer started to sell Warhammer 40k. Seeing the similarity I got interested and bought the basic set.
I loved 2nd Edition. The floor with shoe boxes, glases and whatever we could find was our battlefield for waging epic battles. I remember playing Eldar with Scorpions, a Wraithlord and Warwalker as my favorites.
As 3rd Edition was released in 1998 my army wasn’t playable anymore and i lost interest quite fast. Beeing 16 I got enough other stuff to do.
In 2003 I met with a old friend for coffee and saw a Chaos Landraider in a box. And beneath it, he showed me a complete Tau army. He said he was going to sell it on Ebay. That were the last words i remember him saying, the next thing i can think of is me sitting at home with a brand new Tau Army and a lighter wallet. I told a friend at University about it and just smiled back and showed me a picture of his hobby room. It was impressive then and it is much more now 🙂
Since that time I’ve really got deep into the hobby. Having bought and sold through different armys I stuck with a impressive Space Marine force, some Eldar (including my Avatar, Warwalker and Wraithlord from 1997) and since they came out, the Imperial Knights.

With his 'Bigger' brothers

With his ‘Bigger’ brothers

PC – Spotting your knight warden conversion started off our conversations, can you tell me about how it came to be and talk me through building it?

A- Having built and painted the two Knight variants available, and completed the army with some infantry and vehicles as well as an Inquisitorial Detachment I wanted to wait for the Forgeworld Knight-Lancer.
Everyone knows, that you just can’t lean back on a hobby evening with nothing to do. So on one evening the owner of my GW store, who is also a very good friend and i talked about possibilties FW would have with the other Knight variants that Epic brought us. Looking through the interwebs for old miniatures he showed me the Imperial Knight Warden.
I just said to him: “I want that one”…….Silence….. “Now!”.
We went back to the store, grabbed a Knight-Kit, some spare parts and all of my and his tools.
It must have been around 8pm when we returned to his appartment, threw in a Dvd and just started.
The conversion itself was quite simple. We discussed it and built the parts we agreed to stay untouched. We took our time (nearly an hour) to just think about it, hold it in the right positions.

That is how we did it:
The upper body was built as normal but without the top armour plate.
The middle metal fitting of the top armour plate was cut away and then glued on a bit higher. (To let the head face the front but still beeing in its position)
Shoulder Pads were slightliy cut from behind with a hobby knife, heatened in hot water and then bent to get a nice round shape for beeing used as shin armour.
Lower part of the body (hip) was simply cut in a half and glued to the left and right of the body. (It fits nicely to the main body’s overhaning parts)
Arm mountings were then cut away leaving you with the round parts fitting to the main body and glued on 2 Twin-Las.
Head mounting of the main body was removed and head glued in properly.
Exhausts’ lower parts cut away to fit the new position.
Gunbarrel shortend and rear end of the gun glued to barrel.
The Mechanicus part of the end of the gun glued to the joint where upper and lower body normally would connect covering up the whole.
Cut away the overhanging plastic of the cockpit-door fitting. Greenstuffed the innerpart to connect to glued in Gun. Apply a lot of Greenstuff.
Clean it up….Done!

PC – Awesome, have you made any rules up for it yet or are you going to wait for forgeworld to release some ?

Jens – I would hope FW will see the Interest in the Warden and make some but till then I just play him as a normal Knight.

PC – along side your completed warden stand a knight paladin and a knight errant with some fantastic free hand detail. Can you tell me about it?

Knight Paladin and Knight Errant

Knight Paladin and Knight Errant

Jens – At first I want to say, that this whole house and heraldic theme GW made with the Knights impressed me. I really fell for it. On my first Knight I strictly followed these standards.
My houses first Knight has a blue-grey scale-pattern on the front of his right shoulder to show the Pilot’s peronal pattern.
There is a group of 4 people that just started of GoT Knights here in my GW store, we were watching the series together and as Imperial Knights came up it was clear to donate a Knight to every favorite House. So we got a Stark-Knight as well as an Nightwatch (dont know the origin name to be honest) and are still working on some others. I wanted to stay Targaryen and as awesome as it was and the freehands started to work ( those are my first ones) so on his left is the Targaryen-Crest with a bannerflag “Targaryen” written in old english (same on his chest). Right knee is the one stripe for beeing the first. Left Knee is the Targaryen-crest again. Additionally “She” got the Khaleesi writing next to her cockpit entrance.
With the second I must admit, I couldnt hold myself back with the huge area the Knights offers. So i went for the large dragon covering nearly the whole top. But i made sure the head to be on the front of the right shoulder as pilot’s personal as well as a Dragon Claw on the left as Targaryen-Reference. Left cheek of the helmet and the EnergySword wear a red scale-pattern (to stay a bit consistent at least). Right knee 2 stripes. Left Knee i drew a winged-Dragon claw. You could say it’s a shortcut to the three-headed dragon crest.

PC – What inspired you to continue on and build an army around the theme?

Jens – I can’t say. I had been planning them as an addition to my Space Marines and trying out some freehands I just fell in love with the first Knight. Most of this stuff is found through out the whole army. The Valkyrie for example got a giant Dragon head left to the cockpit and the Targaryen crest to the right and so on. It came out so fantastic to me and the whole theme around it offered me more potential i had ever thought of. I just couldn’t stop.
First thing was a pilot. I just had to built a beautiful female pilot with a large banner. But obviously she cant walk alone! She needs some Troops. Scions followed. Those cant go without Vehicles of course! But what would the Imperial Forces say about this? An Inquisitor should watch over them! Watch over one Knight? NO! Two!….Every hobbiest should exactly know how that feels and where it leads you ^^

PC – Do you have any plans to add to the army or do you have another project lined up?

Jens – As stated above there is no end to his one in the near future. I badly want a Knight-Lancer and the other Warden Variant with the large missilepod. I want to add some Mechanicus as well, at least someone has to Service the Knights. I will try my best to present a complete House.

PC – As you beat forgeworld in creating the warden, is there any particular knight variant you like to see them release soon?

Jens – Yes indeed. They chose the Knight-Lancer Variant 2 which I´m totally fine with as it matches the Paladins the most. The Warden´s I can built my self (not the one with the Tracks, that Looks like the Chaos thing).
It is the 2 other Lancer variants. I would really like to see one with the inverted knees and additionally these are the ones most likely to be converted to those old Slaneesh ones 😉

I’d like to thank Jens for taking the time out to talk to me and showing off his awesome work.

I’ve enjoyed this so much that I hope to do some more blog posts like this in the future so stay tuned..

Until next time