Game of Tables – part 1 – Adventures in shopping

A Game of Tables begins...

A Game of Tables begins…

Welcome to part 1 of my Game of Tables series, Adventures in shopping.

Logically the first post in any building series should be all about design, right? Well……no. Seeing as I had an existing plan to follow I knew what I needed to get to form the body of my table which meant that I could go into the visual design as the next stage.

My shopping list was as follows:
A base board – minimum of 6’x4′
Foam Sheets – 8’x4’x25mm
Glue to fix the foam pieces to the board and to each other
Some form of plaster for rendering the surfaces

As always I am working to a budget so I took a little time to hunt around my local builder’s merchant and managed to get everything I wanted for under £35/350kr – Winner!

My table purchased

My table purchased

So I ended up with:
An 8’x4’x12mm sheet of chip board for my base
3 sheets of 2’x4’x50mm celling foam (a sizing mistake was made here but I can work around that)
A mastic tube of foam glue
A 5 liter tub of spakle/plaster for rendering
I also picked up some cheap super glue and a new tape measure but I digress.

One set of purchases later and I am a really happy man, then I realize I have to get everything home. I drive but don’t have a car, and made the journey on foot with my son in his double pram after dropping his sister at nursery…….hmmm…..this could be an issue.
I had two options, pay for delivery or get things cut down to make it fit the pram and get it home. Delivery was £80/800kr for a 1km journey so that wasn’t happening at all so I had to get things cut down. Of course there was no cutting service available so I was left to go at my chip board base with a hand saw, pencil and tape measure.


I had 10cm of grace across the length of the board and managed to make some sensible cuts to get the board into four 2’x4′ sections which will need some tidying up, but that comes later in construction.
After a slightly dicey journey home and some impromptu securing of things with my belt I made it home with the pram, my son and everything else in one piece.


So now I’m going to sit down and take some time to plan out my board and I have something extra in mind that I hope will make for some interesting game play down the road.

Stay tuned for part 2



A Game of Tables – Introduction

A Game of Tables begins...

A Game of Tables begins…

Since I started gaming I always wanted my own gaming table, my own space to march my armies on to the field of battle and share a some fun times with friends. Well I finally have it, at least the start of it!

When I began this blog a few months ago I listed a few things that I wanted to achieve, and naturally a gaming table was one of them. Budget has always been a factor which has ruled out a GW realm of battle board right off, so I turned to the internet for ideas.

I spent a fair amount of time researching different methods for design and construction, going from very complicated plans that included built in storage and drinks holders, to possibly going for a battle mat fixed to a plywood board. In the end I had put together a list of what I wanted out of my board.

1 – cheap to build
2 – as durable as possible
3 – flexible as a gaming surface
4 – gives a good visual game

There’s no escaping a lack of money at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t achieve what I’m after. In the end, after some digging, I came across this blog post.
It’s a simple plan, but to me it recreates the Realm of battle board in looks, flexibility and uses materials that are realistically in my price range – so that’s 3 out of 4 on my list already ticked off. Durability is something that will play out over time, and the look of the board is down to my skills in construction, but I’m on a solid base as a beginning.

So what I plan to do now is document my adventures through design, construction and up to the final product in this “Game of Tables” series over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for part 1 – Adventures in Shopping


#FML, 7th edition, my SM chapter and where I’m planning on taking my blog

So I’m going to start things off on a bit of a downer, I’ve been made redundant. This sucks on so many levels that I’m still wrapping my head around it, whilst I try to work out how to move on and keep family life disruption to a minimum. That it will have some form of impact on my gaming, goes with out saying, but right now I have a stock pile of minis to keep me going…for the moment.
It certainly does put things into perspective though, so I thought I’d channel some of that into looking at my blog and discuss some of my future plans.

But before I go into that……

On the 24th of May, an earthquake of undetermined magnitude will strike the warhammer 40k gaming world as the ‘new and improved’TM 7th edition is released. Have a read of my general thoughts HERE on Inter TableTop about both 6th and 7th edition but I will say that I am really excited and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

My SM chapter

The Chapter

The Chapter

The Sons of Realm are going to by the main modelling focus of this blog as I build them up from a small strike force to as close to company, then over time actual chapter strength as possible and I am really looking forward to sharing that with you.

The thing is that I don’t just want to build up the model collection.
I have so much fun GM’ing role playing games, seeing things develop from one event to the next really drives my creativity and getting to create worlds and characters that play parts in the stories I create is a major part of that. So naturally I want to build up my chapters story and forge a living narrative of their actions through every game I play with them.

Whilst I have to work out the odd mechanic for things like character death and potential promotion I don’t want to make things crazily complicated and end up being counter productive.
My plan is simple right now. I’ve chosen to start with the second company and will be building a force around their new captain and a few other characters. One thing I do want is for each company to have a story at its heart that I will need to tell at some point in some form of campaign. I blame the guys at miniwargaming for this after watching their narrative campaigns and with the changes in mission types and other aspects of the game coming from the new 7th edition, I can see this being a lot of fun.
Which leads nicely into…

Future plans

I plan on put this blog to use in telling the story of the Sons of Realm in as many ways possible, as well as continuing with posts about modelling, painting and other related topics as I have been doing so far.
I will be tying in a form of live ish feed from each game via my Instagram account, with written up battle reports following in either a literal or cinematic style (possibly both) as I face each foe of mankind and aim to crush them beneath my power armoured boot.
I will also be putting together articles on the back ground of the chapter, including details on their home world, structure, their homes system and other things that I can think of as I go along.

In the next week or so I am planning on an update of what’s going under my brush as well as the first set of show case photos for the Sons of Realm.

Catch you soon


Dawn of the 7th edition

The 24th of May 2014 sees the release of a much anticipated, much hyped, incredibly Chinese whispered and highly decisive launch of 40k version 7 (or 6.5 to some).

Some basic info before going any further: First off as a gamer, I am coming to the 6th edition party as the cleaners are sweeping up the floor, so all of my thoughts are based on things other than gaming experience of this edition (more on that later). Secondly, Games Workshop have historically run the reboot/re-release schedule of their main games systems on roughly a four year cycle, delivering changes, new codecs and some unit changes for every army through that span. At a point a slow down begins, issues with rules get corrected ‘or not’ through a FAQ process online and the game world moves along until the 4 year marker comes around and when it all begins again.

Why all the who ha?
Well two things. Firstly, the most surprising thing about version 7 is that it arrives 2 years into the established cycle, which prompted a lot of internet buzz about the motivations behind the timing as well as the potential changes and impacts a full new boxed set of models and gaming system might bring. The vacuum created from the initial lack of information drove some really interesting ideas to the front and since then a steady trickle of unofficial rumors have slowly concentrated into the information that was released by GW over the last few weeks.
The second is the potential impact on gamers, especially the growing tournament circuits across the globe. GW have done something that I can see as a ploy to increase sales but I can also see has come from the hearts of being gamers themselves. They have created a direct split in how you can chose to field your armies and introduced a new series of missioned types that will change the way the game is played but more on this later.

“Come in number 6, your time is up”…
So as the 6th goes of into retirement to play shuffle board with the specialist games and it’s predecessors, was it really all that bad, did it need to be put out to pasture so soon?
I will honestly say that I have only played a handful of games of 6th edition and those games were for fun and minor bragging rights between two good friends so I can’t give a deep opinion on the pros and cons of the system but it was ok. Bear in mind that I am a WHFB player, so jumping to a game with universal fixed movement for every model and things like running in the shooting phase was kind of alien to me but I had fun none the less.

I have to leave my thoughts on 6th up to the Internet and what I have seen and read since coming back in to the gaming life. Basically 6th has increased the Super lists of deathstar units being the standard win at all costs entires at tournaments and gaming clubs, and the lack of balance in a game that has never been made for balance but for selling a product has gotten bigger and seems to be the biggest bugbears of 6th for taking the fun out of the game. Honestly I think it’s a proportionally small number of voices that have been raising these issues but that doesn’t mean they should be discounted yet it does highlight another issue for another day – sportsmanship.

So what’s on the horizon?
Well like i said, there are some major shifts coming in 7th and I am really looking forward to them. Here is Jervis Johnson from GW explaining what’s happening.

Unbound and Battled forged armies opening up and rewarding different types of play.

A dedicated psychic phase

New mission types

Honestly I think this has the potential to even out a few of the issues that have come up from previous editions and should be a big step forward. In my eyes having unbound armies available can add another layer to tournament play with the hope of seeing some of the more win at all costs players heading in that direction whilst the battle forged armies will have a way of winning on points over some of the heavier lists as well.

The bigger thing I see is the potential for the fluff players like myself being able to tell a story of your army’s exploits of heroism. Multiple objectives through out the game lend to a more cinematic style of play and for story’s in the pub afterwards. These are just top layer thoughts but I can’t wait to get some games in as soon as possible.

Now we are only a few days before the actual launch happens and the pre release orders hit door mats and then the learning curve will come before the first reviews hit the wires but here’s hoping it’s lucky number 7 this time.


Building the battle field – with help from my kids

(sorry in advance for the poor picture quality)

I really enjoy kit bashing models together, because having a freedom to create what I see in my head is one of the big reasons that I do this hobby but it is not limited to models.
In an older post I mentioned about finding scenery in unexpected places and now that my chapter is starting to take shape I’ve been working to build up a collection of scenery to have something to play on.
I have a ‘Red Planet’ theme in mind for my gaming table so a lot of what I plan to build will work into that but I’m not restricting myself either.
Here’s my Pintrest board that is my inspiration.

So here’s where my kids get involved. All of the stuff that their toys, clothes, sweets and even medical stuff comes in has the potential to be turned into something cool for the table top. There are some many different shapes and sizes in packaging that with a little thought you can find something for any army.

Here are some bits I have right now, what do you see?


For me I think it’s the shape and having an idea of what should fit in the 40k universe that drives my imagination but I really can’t say what exactly happens when I look at this stuff. Somehow, something clicks in my head and I can see a finished project, then it’s just working towards it.

At the moment I’m just working on small bits and pieces in between painting projects and I’ve put together a couple of pieces, a fortification and an objective marker as a start. They are both made with recycled parts, including an old warhammer fantasy movement tray and some of cuts of sprue holding things together.

In the pipeline I have a scratch built bastion and aegis defence line as well as a few other objective markers and structures so when everything is painted up I hope to have a themed and cheap gaming area to play games and tell stories on.

I’m always one the look out for new stuff and I know that my kids will have a hand in it one way or another


Going public….of sorts

Paintingchap is my personal blog but it’s not my only project for my painting, modelling and gaming as I’m also a founder of Inter TableTop.


Inter TableTop has been set up as a foundation for building a gaming community in our local area, for all types of games from models to board games and table top role play to name just a few.

Right now myself and Destrux are working on telling our stories of building 40k armies and the beginnings of a Firefly table top role play game with the crew of the Nevermore.

We plan to expand this out to include game reports as well other areas of our hobbies, along with introducing new members and guest writers to the build up our content as we continue to grow.

We have some big goals in mind but right now we’re going to keep those under wraps as a surprise for later.

I have a simple plan for working both paintingchap and InterTableTop side by side. I’m going to aim to have 2 post out each week in some form or another with the first one being shared on both sites and then the second one being available exclusively on

So I now have a new challenge and a lot to get on with so keep an eye out for my next post on paintingchap all about how my kids are helping with my gaming table.


Let the dice decide