Getting started and being comfortable

So I have finally been able to sit down and start painting. I’ve lost nearly a week of painting time thanks to a stomach virus so I’ve had some time on my hands to think about how and what I want to do.

First off I decided to actually do something about my painting area. I used to sit down with a tray on my lap, with paints, models and everything else cluttered or later on at a folding desk which was to small for me to spread out comfortably. That’s now changed as I have claimed a second hand computer desk as my dedicated painting station and started to build it up with some decent lighting and other bits.

desk 1

It’s not perfect yet and I have plans in the works, but its a start. Painting Desk Evolution

Secondly if I’m honest, my ‘painting knowledge’ is basic with maybe a trick or two but nothing special but I want to change that so I’ve spent a fair bit of time before picking up my brushes reading as many blogs and how to guides as possible.
The best site I’ve found so far is Fromthewarp with its many different types of articles and resources I have spent hours reading. Then by spending a few hours on YouTube adding to that videos from channels like and hobby girl to my favourites, I have already added more to my painting then if I had tried to bash my way through on my own.

Working paints to achieve a smooth finish is something I have worked at but never had much success so I’ve started using a wet palette. After 1 session I really liked what it did for my painting, giving me some life in my paints and improving my blending, again its not perfect but a good start.


Thirdly is my comfort. I’ve found that I need noise to paint and it doesn’t really matter if its music or films but something has to be on (a series of audio books and movies got me through 2.5 days of intense painting to complete a commission) .

On the desk you can see my phone and my IPad – both absolutely life saving when I am working. My phone is my radio/DJ/Story teller to kill of the silence and help me focus, with the IPad being used as a source for tutorials, painting guides and inspiration. I am lucky to have these but a radio would do the job to be honest.

With this little set up ready I was ready to get on with painting……..first stop was a test model for my new chapter…


Scenery from unexpected places

I’m still trying to actually sit down and start painting so whilst I await the time to get on with things I wanted to share a few thoughts about scenery.

Scenery is a big part of a games atmosphere, and for me it is what can make or break a great time for me. Playing over a green or black cloth with books for hills is ok to start off but once you get going, having ruined city scape’s or haunted grave yards to fight through not only makes the visual part of the game more fun but also makes you take the world around your models in to account when playing.

I love the stuff that GW put out for their games, the battle scape scenery is a personal favourite, and with the new fortifications that can form part of your own force are really at step up from the last time I really looked at what was on offer for 40K. Add into that some of the scenic tile sections from forgeworld and the huge number of other retailers that produce their own kits on a number of different styles and themes and you are spoilt for choice.

The only issue I have is cost. Paying £20 – £60 for a unit or vehicle for my army is one thing as I might only need one, but to pay anything up to and above £100 for a set of scenery which won’t even fill out my gaming table is a tough one for me right now.

So here is were my thoughts are going. Saving money with scenery from unexpected places.

This evening I was unpacking a gift when I took a look at the packaging it came in …….

As it came

As it came

and after a few twist and turns I had an image in my mind of an outpost foundation or even a church foundation

An out post or church?

An out post or church?

It’s bare, has nothing more than what is there in front of you but it has potential.

I’m going to put this aside and come back to it at a later date to see what I can actually turn it into but my point is this. Rather than spend lots of money on scenery, look around your every day things and see what has another purpose in it. We do it with basing so why not turn our skills to scenery in this way.

This may be preaching to the choir but take the time to see what is about and your gaming board might just have something new very soon

Any thoughts or comments on this or scenery in general please post below in the comments section?

Ostermark begins it’s march

So I’ve updated the Warhammer section with a few pictures from my Ostermark Empire Army. I will endevour to add further pictures as I go along, including a full army shot at some point.

I am always looking to build on what I have and there are so many extras that are waiting to be added including a second steam tank and a captain on pegasus…when will I find the time.

And so it begins……

First post and first piece of content is already up on the Space Marine Chapter Page

My plan is to start work on and complete the first 500pts of my space marine army in the coming month as part of a Tale of Gamers group I have started up with some friends. We plan to add 250pts per month and month 1 will see me starting off with 2 tactical squads and a captain.I plan to get some pictures up over the next couple of days and you can follow my random workings on twitter and instagram as paintingchap.